My first refurb !!

My first attempt at refurbishing was with an old mahogany dining chair that my father picked up, in a hotel that was closing down. It had years and years of varnish on it so it took quite a bit of elbow grease to sand it down in preparation for painting.

After sanding it down it needed quite a few coats of paint but it looked great when it was all painted up. Unfortunately It didn’t all go to plan as I ran out of the material I used for the seat…. and when I went to re order it was discontinued. A little tip I have learned is to always check with the supplier; how much is left and weather its due to be discontinued or not. I still haven’t found the right material to match up with it, so for now I just covered it with plain cream fabric, which will do for the moment, as I just used it with my dressing table. It’s far from perfect but It was so cheap to do up, anyone can do it 🙂 Image