Shabby to Vintage

I was searching for some material for a previous design, when I came across  this fabulous fabric… Initially I thought I would have no use for it as it was such a specific pattern, so I left it,but I wasn’t long rushing back to order it as I just couldn’t get it out of my head, and I think it’s perfect used this way,.. The material is discontinued now which is such a pity, I managed to get the last bit sent down from Home Focus in Galway, which made me love it all the more . 

After sourcing the material I went on the hunt for the paint, I used this great tool on the colortrend website which allowed me to post a picture of my material and compare it to the different colors. Then just collected it in the store.. The paint used was 0504 / Indian Tears . I wanted something that would compliment the fabric but also let the fabric stand out.. I hope it did…