As easy as One, Two, Three.

This is a small little refurbishment I just did… I found myself in a bit of a dilemma with a chair (see previous post). I had ran out of fabric, half way through re covering the chair, not realising that the fabric had been discontinued. SO …. I used the existing fabric to re cover a stool I found and I ordered some new fabulous fabric to completely re do my chair ( that will be posted soon too ) 🙂  

The stool was completed in three easy steps; Sand, Paint, Re cover

Firstly pick your object what ever it may be and separate the wood from the seat if possible, this makes it easier  to sand. 



As you can see from above the edges of the stool are thick with varnish, this required a heavier sand paper, I used the lighter one on the rest. After it was well sanded I applied the base coat. I used Crown base coat for wood. You can use this site to see what best suits you, anything will do …..



The stool took 3 coats of paint, after each coat dried I gave it a light sanding so the top coat wouldn’t bubble.. I took of the fabric and re sized the fabric. The cushion had taken some wear and tear over the years and had gotten quite flat, so I cut out 2 squares of wadding to size and added it to the sponge to give it a bit more cushion, then I recovered it. I used my staple gun to pin it underneath, just make sure to pull it tight before stapling the fabric, keep turning it over to make sure you are satisfied with the position before pinning all the material down. 




My first refurb !!

My first attempt at refurbishing was with an old mahogany dining chair that my father picked up, in a hotel that was closing down. It had years and years of varnish on it so it took quite a bit of elbow grease to sand it down in preparation for painting.

After sanding it down it needed quite a few coats of paint but it looked great when it was all painted up. Unfortunately It didn’t all go to plan as I ran out of the material I used for the seat…. and when I went to re order it was discontinued. A little tip I have learned is to always check with the supplier; how much is left and weather its due to be discontinued or not. I still haven’t found the right material to match up with it, so for now I just covered it with plain cream fabric, which will do for the moment, as I just used it with my dressing table. It’s far from perfect but It was so cheap to do up, anyone can do it 🙂 Image