Lottie’s Bookcase

When Lottie’s mother Lisa came to me asking me could I make something for Lottie for her books and little teddies for her room, I obviously said yes, but I struggled to think of something unique to suit Lottie. Yes all girls love pink, (most anyway) but what could I do to set her apart. One day I met her at the creche and she had the cutest little coat on with the tiniest of daisies on it, that added to her sweet little flowery nature of a personality, I knew where to start my search. I picked two tones on the colortrend site, http://color-is.getservd.net/ but when I used one of the pinks the colour just wasn’t right, but with just a touch of white added to it was perfect. I found all my little extras in http://www.fieldmaster.ie/ and next. She just loved it, thank god as we all know how brutally honest 2 year old children can be.




Simple, pretty, diy


I love love love this picture. I found the idea on crown painthttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=589471631101256&set=a.171491276232629.33865.141659265882497&type=1&theater
Its so simply and easy to make, I am definitely making a few of these over the holidays.
All you need is; piece 2 x 1 timber, something like this



and a selection of door knobs like these beautiful ones I sourced from E-bay but they can be found in most hardware stores.



Paint the timber in the colour of your choice and screw the knobs in. Perfect for the bedroom for hanging handbags, jewelry or even coats. ❤ 


Different better

Love this 🙂


This morning we stopped at Home Depot to get wood for my projects. As we were checking out, Karch said, “Uh-oh!” In his hand was a sliver of wood, about 6″ long and 1/4″ wide. He explained that it was loose, so he pulled it off one of my pieces of wood. He said it would give it more character. Gunner laughed and added, “Different better Mom.”

Over the weekend, Gun was at a friend’s house, so Karch and I did yard work. He blew off the driveway. Next thing I knew after he was done, he had gone to get the big broom and was sweeping the leaves all into one big pile. Thinking I could blow them into the pile, “I said, you don’t have to do that buddy.” He replied, “It will make it look better.” And then swept the leaves into one big pile.

The next…

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Shabby to Vintage

I was searching for some material for a previous design, when I came across  this fabulous fabric… Initially I thought I would have no use for it as it was such a specific pattern, so I left it,but I wasn’t long rushing back to order it as I just couldn’t get it out of my head, and I think it’s perfect used this way,.. The material is discontinued now which is such a pity, I managed to get the last bit sent down from Home Focus in Galway, which made me love it all the more http://www.homefocus.ie/ . 

After sourcing the material I went on the hunt for the paint, I used this great tool on the colortrend website which allowed me to post a picture of my material and compare it to the different colors. http://color-is.getservd.net/. Then just collected it in the store.. The paint used was 0504 / Indian Tears . I wanted something that would compliment the fabric but also let the fabric stand out.. I hope it did…